Power-Packed Features

NGINX is a high performance Accelerating Proxy serving both HTTP and HTTPS traffic, with outstanding stability, rich feature set, simple configuration & low resource usage.

MariaDB is to be a drop-in replacement for MySQL, with more plugin features, better performance and benchmarks show that MariaDB is basically faster than MySQL.

With built-in support for DNSSEC, PowerDNS delivers very high performance, accelerated DNS resolutions, instant start-up & handles memory efficiently during high traffic.


Softaculous Auto Installer : View Apps
Responsive Site Builder : 286 Themes
Automatic cPanel Optimization
Google PageSpeed Turbo Catching
ClamAV E-Mail Antivirus
CloudFlare Global Cloud CDN
Automated Daily cPanel Backups
Round-the-Clock Server Monitoring
Technical Support by Ticket & Chat


Unlimited Website Server Space
Unlimited Website Data Bandwidth
Unlimited E-Mail Accounts
Unlimited MariaDB Databases
Unlimited Database Users
Unlimited Alias (Parked) Domains
FREE SSL Certificate (HTTPS)
Includes 5 cPanel Control Panel
Includes WHM Reseller Control Panel

NGINX FAQ Answers :)

Read through and get to know additional information before placing your NGINX Hosting order. For quick answers please read through the below list of Frequently Asked Questions on our NGINX Hosting plan.

NGINX is generally reserved for VPS or dedicated server accounts. But PanelSecure has taken the extra step to build a plan that is extremely cost effective for our web hosting resellers to move busy websites into this plan and feel the difference with NGINX. Please note this is not a replacement for a VPS, if too much of PHP resources are consumed then, the best option for you would be to upgrade into a VPS or Dedicated server. Always keep in mind that NGINX hosting is still a shared hosting, built over an accelerated environment.

There are only four major differences between the standard and NGINX plan. (1)In the standard plan the control panel is DirectAdmin. In NGINX plan the control panel is cPanel/WHM. (2)In the standard plan Apache is the front facing web server for all traffic. In NGINX plan traffic is first passed through NGINX and then into Apache. (3) The standard plan has only MySQL and NGINX plan uses MariaDB. (4) The standard plan uses the traditional BIND DNS and NGINX plan uses PowerDNS. Apart from these four, every other features remain the same.

Yes, database upgrade from MySQL to MariaDB will be automatically performed by cPanel. Most PHP codes work out of the box and does not require any modification but in very rare circumstances there are times when you may need to make some minor changes to your PHP code to work with MariaDB. Always make sure to backup your database before upgrading to MariaDB. Database once changed to MariaDB cannot be downgraded to MySQL.

The primary objective of NGINX plan is for website speed and that is the reason we had chosen MariaDB. We do not have a plan to introduce MySQL with any of our NGINX hosting plans for now or in the future.

You can instantly find great improvement in website speed the moment you move into NGINX hosting. NGINX is only a caching server and will deliver static content at blazing speeds, if you have a dynamic content you will still need to optimise the way you write your PHP codes. Websites operating on WordPress, Joomla and other popular CMSs can take advantage of NGINX's speed improvements out-of-the-box. Moreover during traffic spikes NGINX can flawlessly deliver content and will outperform any standard servers.

All depends on the way you optimise your website content and we have no control on your website performance, what you code is what you get. (1) If 100% static HTML files, you can push upto ~10000 visitors per day. (2) If PHP based website you can push upto ~3000 visitors per day (3) If PHP based website with "W3 Total Cache" you can push upto ~8000 visitors per day. Also Note: If you use Limited plugins, means lower PHP processing and the website page will load more faster and you have more room to push more traffic.

Do not worry, we can HELP. If you have a cPanel account that is hosted with another provider we can transfer your website(s) content absolutely free. To begin a cPanel website transfer process please open a support ticket along with your cPanel username and password of the current provider and our migration team will move your website to our servers. If you have a website that is not hosted through cPanel (For example: Plesk, DirectAdmin, Webmin..) we can still move the website content directly from server-to-server without having to download all data to your local computer. For more details please open a support ticket.

Yes, cancel within 48 hours! We do not offer any cancellations exceeding 48 hours of activation time. We do offer a money back guarantee only for 48 hours, and after 48 hours no cancellation and no money back. But do not worry, you are still fully covered through our service level agreement for the entire term of your business with us. You are fully eligible for service prolongation for any downtime or service interruptions. For more details please visit our SLA page.

We don't offer phone support because we truly believe it wouldn't be possible to provide the same effective assistance over the phone. We have decided on this for 3 reasons: (a) It's faster. We can quickly get to the bottom of your questions without putting you on hold. (b) Online ticket support keeps detailed records in one place. This ensures nothing gets lost in translation if we need to escalate your issue. We'll always have access to previous tickets so you won't have to repeat questions. (c) Live chat support is similar to talking on the phone, as it involves real-time conversation. Through live chat, we can ask you to instantly send us screenshots to help us see what you are seeing. We can also send you screenshots and links to guide you in the right direction.

Just open a support ticket to get a quick resolution to your technical issues. Our system will allow you to open a ticket granting you a unique ticket identification number that will keep you in the loop every step of the way as the technician resolves your request. Any new update will automatically be sent to your email, so you can be informed on the current status of the service request, from when a technician is assigned to your case all the way to the end when the technician closes your ticket and the issue is resolved. For a faster response, please get onto our live chat and provide us your support ticket identification number and our support staff can instantly begin working on your ticket while you are on live chat.